Thursday, February 2, 2012

Air, but not much else.

Well well well.

I just discovered that I am going off sugar and starch for the next two weeks.

That means I get to eat:

1.) Air
3.)things rabbits survive on
4.)lots and lots and lots of meat


Oh, and cheese. That makes me very, very happy. I am afraid that I am actually deathly allergic to cheese, because I love it so much.

No, this is not a drop-dead dieting scheme I am forcing myself on. (although if I lose a few pounds I won't be complaining!) My mom just had an appointment with a natural doctor--i.e. doesn't use prescriptions and drugs as the answer to every ailment in life. She's been dealing with headaches, and the doctor said to try this diet for two weeks to see if it helps her any.

And to help her with this new "lifestyle change" for two weeks, my sis and I are joining her!

Awwww. What good daughters are we?? :)
Being the most health-nutty one in the family, I'm pretty excited about doing this, believe it or not.

Has anyone else out there ever done anything as nutty as going cold-turkey on sugar AND starches at the same time??

Or do I "take the cake"?--pun intended. Heeheehee! =D
Perhaps you'd like to join us on our little quest towards health?
No? Yeh, I wouldn't be that crazy either...

I am happy to announce that the Spring semester off to an uneventful start, is thus far three weeks in, and I am surviving MATH with an 'A'!!!! Wooot!!! Hallelujah and glory be!


Or are you like me, and watching the superbowl for the commercials?

Or, are you like others who will be watching the superbowl for the food? (that WOULD have been me, except for my drastic diet change, as of... an hour ago)

Maybe you're extremely special and watching the superbowl for a combination of all three?

That'd be O.K., too.

Well. Sorry for the weird post. I'm in an interesting mood. I'm sure it'll be turning sour once my body filters out all the sugar from my bloodstream.

Happy carrot munching!