Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fascination with MBTI...and Still Alive. =)

Well hello, world!
It's been a while, hasn't it?? My goodness. Time just keeps a-flyin' by, doesn't it??

Today was Daylight Savings Time and (hopefully everyone remembered--if not, set back your clocks an hour RIGHT NOW!!) the day seems to have progressed rather slowly. Was that just me or did anyone else experience that same odd phenomenon? I really did feel that extra hour! Not that I'm complaining or anything. Even though I'm in my twenties I still don't think I have enough time in the day to get everything accomplished! So I used my time wisely and worked on some school assignments, so hopefully I won't be cramming as much tomorrow.

Since I am randomly, out of the blue, back in the blogosphere (is that a word? If not, just roll with me here =)  I'm suddenly contemplating all the various topics I could discuss.

Maybe I'll start with one of my favorite fascinations. On my right (and yours too), you'll find my MBTI assessment. For those not quite introduced to my obsession MBTI means Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is basically a personality test where you discover that you are actually quite normal, and your quirks all make up this wonderful four-lettered combination that perfectly describes YOU!!!
 It is quite a liberating experience. In fact, my older sibling didn't want to take it for the longest time because she was afraid that she wouldn't really like her personality type and it wouldn't accurately describe her. Well, when I finally pegged her down and forced her to answer the test questions, she was thrilled when her personality description was quite accurate, and she felt liberated to be fully 'her'! Just in case you  were wondering, she is an ESFP, which I would have never pegged her to be. See? We all learn something new through this test!

It's been quite a process of discovery, but I have FINALLY been able to psycho-analyze my family, and my dad is an ESTJ, my mom is an ISFP, my sister is an ESFP, and I am an INFP.

Quite an interesting mix of family dynamics, aren't we??

I became obsessed with the MBTI when I first took the personality test in high school and when I read my type description I was a bobblehead--nodding vigorously at almost everything I read. It was such a liberating thing--odd quirks I thought NO ONE else in the world did or experienced were 'normal' for me because I was an INFP!

So. If you want to be validated by your personality type, and suddenly feel freedom to be beautiful, quirky you, pu-LEASE go to and take the free test. Then go to this website: to learn all about yourself. It is very important that you answer the questions honestly and not how you think you should answer them.

Hopefully I can go into more detail about the types next time.
Until then, happy personality discovering! =)

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