Sunday, December 11, 2011

Four. More. Days.

ahhhhh, blog. What did I ever do to procrastinate before you?? You indeed are a very easy and tempting choice when trying to avoid studying for my final exam. At all costs.
Okay, I want to be random for the moment.
Manafest's " Every Time You Run" is awesome.
And if a boy out there has a crush on me, he'd better serenade me with Shane Harper's "Rocketship" or Jason Derulo's "It Girl". Yeah, I'm kinda being a whacko girl right now. I don't care though. =)

Looks like my family will be moving Thursday, right after my final final. Yay. I hope so, cuz the weather probably won't be cooperating after that!

FOUR more days until sweet, oh so sweet, freedom!! (Funny, I just wrote a definitional paper on freedom, and now this word has a whole new level of meaning to me. I guess I actually DID learn something in college!! What a concept...)
Anyway. Freedom, of any form will be won-der-ful. I am also...

looking forward to some peace.

and quiet.
And, oh God, let's not forget

I think I've forgotten what that is.

Because I've now wasted oogles of time, I must go now. Here's a picture that I found on weheartit. because I love that site. And Tenth Avenue North. Which is where the lyrics from this song come from.
And it's just good to be reminded of truth sometimes.

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