Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Ode to Joe

Thank God for coffee.

I cannot believe that two short years ago I used to think I hated it. Now I'm a lost soul if I don't have my cup every day at Noon. I've perfected my concoction of instant coffee, cocoa powder, and french vanilla coconut creamer to such a level of awesomeness that it should be on a Starbucks menu. Of course, It's hard to decipher whether I'm really in love with the actual drink or the  caffeine buzz I get afterwards. Either way, I'm in love. Even on the 111 degree days of brutal heat I still have to have my steaming cup of coffee (some days there are a few ice cubes to cool it off a bit though).
This little ode brings me to question whether I am a bit on the obsessive side about this coffee thing. But, whilst sipping the last drops from my coffee mug, enjoying the feel of caffeine pulsing through my veins, I really couldn't care less.

Long live coffee!!!!!

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