Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here we go again

How many hours are in the day??? I thought Daylight Savings gave us more time! Well, not really. But at least give the illusion of more time.
Soooo many things to do!With the semester starting to tie itself up, more work is piling on while I'm losing concentration and focus to get 'er done. This is a summary of the lovely assignments I have left:
  • Philosophy chapter reviews and a presentation I still know nothing about (??)
  • Two Sociology tests, only God knows when, and 12 journals I've yet to start on. Don't tell me about it.
  • Continuing Government homework, quizzes and discussions weekly, in-class paper to be written beginning of next month, and a final over 7 chapters
  • Paper due for English comp... when? I dunno. But it's a definitional argument, something I knew nothing about a week ago and it's HARRRRD!!! Waaaa! 
PLUS, let's add in: 
  1. Visiting grandparents over Christmas break and planning an Anniversary party (major milestone year)
  2. moving back home, probably over Thanksgiving break.
  3. Fighting a proposed cell tower in our neighborhood, yay for technology (sarcasm drippeth). Robbing us of our financial, physical, and environmental security is not cool! 
  4. Starting a possible *dream* job with the library (I've applied a DOZEN times over the past three years and I get my FIRST interview with them NOW of all times of my life?? Seriously???)
  5. Figuring out my Spring school schedule
  6. The (dun dun dun) Holiday season. I can tell you RIGHT now, NO Black Friday shopping, much as I used to live for it, NO whipping up a Norman-Rockwell style Thanksgiving dinner, and NO Christmas decorating. If I have to move MORE crap in and out of the house for holiday cheer I am going to barf. 
  7. Observing anywhere and everywhere like crazy because (don't ask me how I did it) but I am a college SOPHOMORE and have 12 hours left of basics left and I still have no freaking clue what vocation I am going to choose to work in for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!! How's THAT for a reason to be freaked out?!?!?!?!?
Ugh. I am tired. I am sooooo stressed right now. I am sorry to use this cheerful blog to be the displayer of my grumpy attitude. If you knew me in person I wouldn't be like this. I promise. But, you would know that I:
1.Like italics a lot. a lot a lot.
2.Enjoy using CAPITALS to emphasize my raised voice, cuz you can't hear it when I write it... dang technology
3. Use lots of ?!?!?!?!?!? to show EMOTION cuz I'm a very expressive person and when I write you can't see my face!!!!! Again, dang technology. 

Well, I think I can go use a good workout session at the gym to vent some of my frustration and stresses. so,  until I use the Joy of Cookies (which I really don't need much more of. It's not even the technical holiday season yet, and I've already gained my allotted 5 pounds + some.  dang stress) to vent! 

THIS is what I need right now:
Yeahhhhhhh. Fat chance, but I can dream!

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