Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh, the drama...

Life is soooo crazy right now.
Today is the first Thursday I haven't been to school since, like, all the blizzards! :) And I have every right to NOT be at school... cuz
Just thought I'd reiterate that. :D It felt so good to sleep in past 6AM!! Whoo!

I am, however, just trading one stress for another,
with construction going on everywhere, and trying to have a show in the middle of it--and Steel Magnolias only has, like five more rehearsals until tech week! And we're far from being done...

But that's OK. If I remember right it's like this in just about any performance. We're down to the wire and things are not coming together properly but then on opening night, things just magically come together! A strange yet wonderful mixture of nerves, talent, and team work somehow creates a masterpiece of a show. :) Happiness.
I was having a horrible time trying to get into the groove of Annelle because it's been so horridly long since I was in my last show. I was almost like having to relearn all my acting techniques... stage movement and directions, creating and becoming a character, speaking in a believable accent for long periods of time... all that. But a few days ago I put on some legit 1980's outfits, and it was like my dweebiness just began oozing all over the place and I finally felt like Annelle! It was such a wonderful feeling. Then it kinda went downhill from there, because last night--exactly FIVE practices before tech week--we lost an actress. And when you only have six people in a cast (especially in a complicated production like Steel Magnolias) , there's automatically 1. a ton of dialogging 2. a ton of blocking  3. an imperative need for each actress to know what she's doing and 4. be at every practice.
Thankfully we have a replacement who I think will be wonderful.
And, really, this kind of drama is expected around this point of practice. Things are starting to come together and everyone is supposed to be stressed out! We have a really strong cast so I'm not concerned.

Is anyone else experiencing a more chaotic and crazy summer than they expected?
Anyone taking a wonderful trip or enjoying a new job?
Or is everyone else bored out of their minds and would like some of my stress for some excitement? ;)I'd be happy to share!! :D


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