Friday, May 20, 2011


So, I have to say discuss the hype going on about May 21 (which at the moment, started like... one minute ago)
I am a self-professed big rapture freak. I've been excited about it since I was young. I've constantly learned about it, read books on it, listened to Left Behind: the Kids audio series (which I've listened to dozens of times... I LOVED that series!), heard my pastor preach on it, and have watched experts talk on aspects of it (!!), I am fairly sure that something big is happening soon. Like, within the next year.
Yeah. I know. I can picture you, blog buddy, furrowing your eyebrows, shaking your head, and thinking, "This girl should be put in the loony bin!"
BUT--that's just how I live my life on a daily basis. The rapture is an imminent thing, so technically that's how Jesus wants us to live, always ready for His return!

Now on Mr. Camping's prophecy that the rapture is happening tomorrow and the world's ending five months later??

Absolutely. And. Completely. Un-Biblical.

God bless him, I'm sure he believes he's right, but there's NO chance that the rapture will happen today!!
A mathematical equation is not the key that unlocks God's secret date for the rapture. Sorry, that ain't how it works, y'all.
You really wanna know what's gonna happen and when? Look at Israel. It is God's timepiece to world events. And, just FYI, Israel's been in the news quite a bit lately. :D
Bottom line, what really upsets me is that anyone who isn't a Christian is going to have even MORE reason to mock Christianity when May 22 rolls around and life is going on.

So anyway, I guess I just want to say: enjoy your Saturday. There may be a chance of precipitation where you live, but I'd estimate that the chance of Doomsday is 0%.
But, as Gary Stearman on Prophecy in the News appropriately encourages:
Keep looking up! 

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