Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surviving the Semester Slump :)

   Is it bad to be ready for school to be out when you're only halfway through the semester? I'd like your thoughts on this. Are you ever sick of college long before you can see the light at the end of the tunnel? Or do you love every second of it? I thought I would really, really enjoy being a college student. Unfortunately, I'm not as thrilled with it as I hoped. Don't get me wrong-- it's interesting, I'm learning a lot and I'm getting good grades, but maybe because I'm a newbie (second semester Freshman) then it's just a tad more stressful for me than for others. 
I'm sure that once I declare a major besides "Undecided" then things will heat up. I'll be studying more interesting subjects and not just required ones, I'll be with more similarly minded people, and hopefully I'll be smart enough not to schedule an 8 AM class!!!! That wasn't the brightest thing I've ever done. Ah, well.

 So, any readers out there who are seasoned students, any advice for surviving EIGHT more weeks of school?? Looooove to hear any thoughts!! :)

BTW, I hope I'm not droll or boring to anyone... it's been a very interesting week and really slow yet weirdly busy all at once... and I can't really talk about it. And it is a bit weird feeling as if my blogs are being sent into the vast world of blogerspace and not being read by anyone. Trust me, I'm more interesting than dry toast and will be talking about more than just school and baking in the very near future. 'k? 'k. =)



  1. why hello :)
    nice to see you're a new follower!
    i definately love your blog title,
    you can't go wrong with cookies.
    and seriously, the only way to survive it is to look forward to summer and know if you made it this far, you can finish it. plus, lots of prayer :)

  2. Hi!!
    Thanks for visiting! :) I've enjoyed looking at yours and getting tips on how to be a good blogger... I'm kinda new at this.

    Thanks for the tips. I'm counting down the weeks to summer break. One down, seven to go! Amen to the praying! Some days I know that's what gets me through.
    Are you a fellow college student? :)