Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello Blogging People!

Sooooooo I'm in a major state of procrastination once again... I have a massive science test tomorrow that I CANNOT, I mean cannot bring myself to study for. woohoo. I know I'm going to be kicking myself tomorrow, but I just don't care at the moment. So I'm here, blogging instead. Which makes me happy.

I've been noticing a disturbing trend lately on TV. Not that I watch that much of it... I would, but most of the stuff is pretty gory and I find it more painful than enjoyable to watch, so I either watch reruns that air at random times of the day or game shows. And the occasional reality TV show, but that's neither here nor there. :)
Anyway. My mom was watching Grey's Anatomy last week (I saw parts of it too, but I was watching it at the gym so I couldn't hear the dialog). From what I could tell, it was a weird combination of Glee, a Broadway play, and a soap-opera. Torres was (from what I could tell) in a car accident, and was having an out-of-body experience. All the while she was singing to the Universe. All throughout the episode, the cast was singing to/about Universe as if it were God. I don't know about anyone else, but I find that more than a little odd. Or is there something else going on about this episode (since I don't follow it regularly) that I need to be enlightened about??

Our culture, which I believe has shifted dramatically in the past few years, has become more and more absurd, and the weirder the content becomes the more enthusiastically the American public seems to accept it. Like V, the new series featuring aliens inhabiting earth. Am I out of the loop here or something? I don't find this entertaining to watch. Is it too much to ask for normal TV shows like RebaHome Improvement, West Wing? I feel dweebish because I still like watching the Disney channel. But at least I know I'm not going to be watching someone's guts splattered all over the concrete and reenactments of someone shooting a bullet into someone's head half a dozen times.
I'm not against watching TV shows. I want to watch TV shows. I'm just not the type of person who enjoys blood, guts, and gore every time I sit down on my sofa!!
Well now that I've got that off my chest, I'm-a gonna go study for my big, hairy, scary test tomorrow. :) yaaaay!
I hope you have a fantastical Wednesday!



  1. Hope you do well on that test. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I saw the Grey's Anatomy episode and was completely put off by it. It was absurd. Funny you should mention Reba... it is one of my favorite reruns to watch!!!

  2. Procrastination is key.
    Don't ask me what the key unlocks.

    {and yes that was my doggie in the picture a while back!}